Writers, Actors, Musicians, Artists, and creative people of all types have a uniquely challenging place in our modern world. Gone, for the most part, are those patrons of the arts who provide safe haven from the cares of the world so that artists can focus entirely on their creative process.

More often than not, creatives must deal with all the same concerns of feeding, clothing, and sheltering themselves, and maybe their family as well, while continuing to feel free enough to allow their imaginations to soar and their inner creative genius to find their way to the surface, uniquely and triumphantly.

Kind of a tall order, right? Add to that the stress that comes with often having to create on cue for someone who is paying you for that creative process, or more specifically, the results of that process. They have a vision, which they may or may not have shared with you, and expectations, which may or may not be reasonable.

Writing a book for a publisher or a magazine article for an editor can ultimately become a lot less like creative expression and more like shoving a square peg into a round hole. The craft that you have taken years to hone and perfect may feel like a chore. Writing on spec to get into print can feel like an insurmountable task.

Actors and singers and musicians – performers of all types – may begin to feel that the thing they love to do most in the world is becoming a chore or worse, a JOB. Yuck.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those of us with creative dreams of sharing our unique expression, our voice, our vision, our inner wisdom with the world. And either it gets stuck inside us, too afraid to come out and go forth into the world, or worse, it has managed to peek out and has found nothing but criticism or rejection. Ouch.

It’s difficult to feel strong and courageous and creative and wonderful with these types of scenarios hitting us in the face on a regular basis. But, they are very often a fact of life and we need to get over them in order to pursue our dreams of being creative and fulfilled individuals.

Fortunately, our innermost creative being really never goes away. Sometimes, it just needs us to be its champion. We can learn how to bring forth our deepest expressions, our creative offerings, even when those around us are not yet able to appreciate them – or us. We can also guide ourselves into learning what we need to change in order to improve our skills, gain greater acceptance or be satisfied without it.

Either way, that unique part of us that must deal with the clash between creativity and commerce will find a comfortable home using hypnosis and other tools that nurture our nature and bring our creativity into the light.

Do It Today!

If you make a living with creativity or are simply interested in exploring how you can bring out your creativity, taking Discovery Journeys through your imagination is a fun and rewarding way to keep your creative juices flowing.